colours of terry sheets

Monochromatic cotton sheet (available to all bedding collection)

Cotton sheet made of printed fabric (available to all bedding collection)

Sheet with ruffle (available to 07, 09, 10, 11, 12 bedding collection)

Cotton sheet and decoration of the drawer  (available to 13 bedding collection)

Sheet with rubber

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Quality and safety guarantee for your child are seals of approval and certificates of our products compliance with Polish and European standards.

Bedding filling

Fillings that are offered by our company do not contain any artificial dyes, harmful chemicals
or heavy metals.
Materials used in the process of manufacturing have certificate:

About us

Our company operates on the market since 1990. We specialize in manufacturing of baby cots, high chairs, mattresses and children’s bedding.

We guarantee that the products offered by our company are safe for your kids!

—Tomasz Kędziora – the owner of the Tomi company